Cleveland Ward, Bannock Stake

Andrew Jenson, Encyclopedic History of the Church, p.147

CLEVELAND WARD, in Bannock Stake, Bannock Co., Idaho, consists of the Latter-day Saints residing in the south or lower end of Gentile Valley and an adjacent mountain country on the west side of Bear River. The inhabitants are nearly all farmers and stockraisers. The ward meeting house is located near Cottonwood Creek on the first bench above Bear River and about a mile from it. Cleveland is ten miles south of Thatcher and 18 miles south of Grace, the stake headquarters.

Cleveland, as a settlement, dates back to 1869, and the saints of that locality were organized as a ward in 1892 from the south part of the Mormon Ward with Ernest F. Hale as Bishop. He was succeeded in 1905 by Henry Larsen, who in 1916 was succeeded by Edgar O. Nielsen, who died Nov. 5, 1926, and was succeeded in 1927 by Frederick H. Andersen, who presided Dec. 31, 1930. The membership of the Cleveland Ward on that date was 257, including 70 children, out of a total population in the precinct of 412. Cleveland was named in honor of the late Pres. Grover Cleveland.

(Ed. Note: See also Cleveland Cemetery. Nathan Smith Jr. and with his wife Hannah and family lived in Cleveland.)

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