Corinne Ward

Andrew Jenson, Encyclopedic History of the Church, p.158-159

CORINNE WARD, Box Elder Stake, Box Elder Co., Utah, consists of the Latter-day Saints residing in the town of Corinne, which is situated on Bear River, and on the Southern Pacific Railroad, about five miles northwest of Brigham City, and 25 miles northwest of Ogden, Utah. It contains a somewhat mixed population, but the majority of the inhabitants are Latter-day Saints.

The town of Corinne came into existence in 1869, when the Central Pacific Railroad was being built through that part of Utah. The town was located by non-Mormons, and for a time it enjoyed a rather unenviable reputation as a tough border town, as did other "mushroom" towns which grew up along the line as the railroad work progressed, and then sank into oblivion as the construction of other sections of the railroad placed the terminus of the line further on, Thus it was with Corinne, which for some time was an important shipping point between Utah and Montana and intermediate points north. But as the Utah Northern Railway was pushed further north, Corinne lost out as a shipping point and though a ward was organized there in 1877, the place was soon afterwards practically deserted by Latter-day Saints. In later years, however, the natural facilities of the locality as a farming district made it the choice of homesteaders, and Corinne became an attractive settlement, and so continues until the present time (1930), when a fully organized ward exists at Corinne.

The Church organization in Corinne effected in 1877 only continued a short time, and for many years the few saints who lived there were counted with the members of the Bear River Ward. A new meeting house, erected by the saints at Corinne, was dedicated Aug. 24, 1914. On Nov. 22, 1914, the saints at Corinne were organized as a ward with Alma Jenson as Bishop. Bishop Jenson moving away he was succeeded March 28, 1920, by Abraham Evans, who presided Dec. 31, 1930. On that date the ward had 454 members, including 122 children.

(Ed. Note: Emily Cope Smith Cutler attended the Corrine Ward. See her History of Emily Cope Smith Cutler)

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