Funeral Services Of Mrs. Alice Smith Done

Funeral services over the remains of Mrs. Alice Smith Done were held In the First Ward meeting house on Thursday, September 25th, with Bishop C. J. Plowman in charge. The members of the Relief Society were seated in a body at the funeral and just after the casket was placed in position at the front they marched by the coffin and each placed a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the casket, which covered the same. This was in honor of her membership and activity in this organization. Many other beautiful flowers were presented, which made a most beautiful scene in memory of this good woman. Her seat in the choir of which she was a member was also decorated.

Grandchildren and great grandchildren were floral bearers, and grandsons were poll bearers.

The choir sang as the opening selection, "Till The Resurrection Day," under the leadership of Mrs. Clara Sparks, who conducted the singing.

Prayer was offered by Brother Ira E. Noble,

"O My Father" was the next selection, after which the following brethren spoke on the life and character of the deceased:

all of whom spoke of her long and faithful services in ministering to the sick and afflicted. It was estimated that fully 90 per cent of the people present had been benefited by the ministry of Alice Done. Mention was made of the great number of births at which she had officiated. Since the funeral a book which had been mislaid has been found which with those that had as then reported would make a total of 2,127 births she had attended. Besides that had given aid to great numbers of sick. Mainly free of charge.

She had truly been a "neighbor" among the people. In connection with her labors among the people, had attended to her own home duties, as well as church and social activities in all of which she was a leader.

Special musical selections were rendered as follows: Mrs. Eugene Lundquist sang, "The Pilgrims Throng Through The City Gate." Sister Thatcher, a temple worker, sang: "Some Time We'll Understand."

There was present several temple workers from Logan temple, and Brother W. A. Noble in behalf of all the workers there expressed their love and sympathy for Sister Done.

Closing song, "Shall We Meet Beyond The River"

Benediction, Bishop's Councilor, Hazen Hillyard.

Card Of Thanks

The Done family desires to express their thanks to all for their many tokens of sympathy and love shown their mother and relatives, and assistance rendered during her sickness and burial.

(Ed. Note: Alice Smith died 27 Sep 1919 in Smithfield, Cache, Utah, and was buried 28 Sep 1919 in Smithfield [map] cemetery marker).

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