Memories of Joseph Smith and Sarah Owens

Memories of Sarah Miles Geddes

July 22, 1983

I remember how special it was to go to Smithfield (map; see also Smithfield) to visit Grandpa and Grandma Smith. They always made us feel so special. Grandpa always had such a beautiful garden and those raspberries were so good. I'll never forget them. He had a woodpile stacked so nice and neat. I remember of my Dad (Jed Miles; cemetery marker) telling of the wood he and Mira (cemetery marker) burned while he was dating her. He always seemed to have plenty of wood.

Grandpa always took us up to the bakery which was really a treat for us. We always had such good food. I remember of eating dinners and all of us kids really enjoyed ourselves.

Grandma was a cute little lady and she was special. I remember how she came to our home when Melvin was born (He being 7 years younger). I didn't even know we were going to have a new baby. I saw Grandma up carrying the coal oil light going from room to room. I wondered what she was doing up. In the morning I had a new baby brother. We were all so happy. Grandma always came when the babies were born and helped Mom get back on her feet. Those days the new mother had to stay in bed 10 days. My mother always said she knew it would be better to get right up and go about doing things just like the Indians did. My Grandfather told of the Indians working in the fields and one day an Indian woman left the rest for a little while and came back carrying a new baby, bathed it in the ditch and went back to work. They didn't have the complications that the women had laying in bed for 10 days.

Grandpa and Grandma were very special to me.

(Joseph Smith's cemetery marker; Sarah Owens Smith's cemetery marker)

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