Mary Smith Patriarchal Blessing

UNION (map) Nov 12th 1856

No. 88 A Patriarchal blessing by Isaac Morley Jun upon the head of Mary Smith daughter of Johnathon & Ann Grimshaw born March 15th 1814 in Lancashire England (map).

Sister Mary thou art beloved of the Lord by him thou art blest in thy heir-ship & as a Mother in Israel thou shalt enjoy the blessings & seals of the everlasting Pr'd (Priesthood). Thus far thou hast dwelt as a confident in the bosom of thy Partner. Thy children are given thee of the Lord to become stars in thy crown. Thus far thou hast fulfilled the purposes & designs of thy creation. Thou art occupying a period between the living & the dead. Thou hast the watch care of the family who will revere thy name from generation to generation. Thou shalt yet enjoy the blessing of officiating by proxy for thy Father's household who have step'd behind the veil. This is the period, the place & the responsibility that thou art occupying between those who have gone before thee & those who are following after thee. Thou wilt be Ho'd (Honored) with those who are the first fruits in this last dispensation. Be comforted for I seal upon thee the blessing of life, the restoration of health, that thou mayest accomplish the work & the calling whereunto thou art called for thou art an Ephraimite, thou art a legal heiress to the seals of Pr'd which will grant unto thee an everlasting inheritance. Thou shalt not want for bread or for friends in thy sojourning here below. Remember my daughter to cultivate in thy bosom the Spirit of peace, for thou wilt find a healing balm under its influence & thou shalt yet enjoy its counsels & order thy life & words by its influence. Be comforted for these are the whisperings of peace unto thee, and I seal thee up by the authority of the Holy Priesthood unto the enjoyment of eternal lives in the Mansions of thy Father even so Amen & Amen.

H.B. Morly - Recorder

(Ed. Note: Mary died two days after this blessing.)

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