William P Smith's Patriarchal Blessing

Union (map) - November 12th 1856

A Patriarchal blessing by Isaac Morley, Sen. on the head of William P Smith, son of Thomas and Alice Smith, born January 22nd 1810 in Lancashire, England (map).

Brother William Smith, in the name of thy Redeemer I place my hands upon (your) head and I bless thee with the Patriarchal order of God and I say unto thee thou shall be blest like Abraham of old standing at the head of numerous posterity which shall be thy seal of Priesthood with the sons of Jacob, a descendent through the loins of Ephraim. Thou art blest of the Lord for the integrity of thy heart, for the principles of the everlasting gospel are dearer to thee than thy life. Thou art a descendent from a numerous posterity which is thy right even thy birthright to become a Saviour to them, and I say unto thee thou shalt be blest in officiating by proxy for their redemption, that they with thee may enjoy the blessings of an everlasting salvation. Thou art advancing in life, yet if thy heart desires thou shalt yet bring many souls unto Christ.

Thou wilt yet become a Father in the gospel to many of the sons of Jacob. It will be thy privilege and thy gift to teach them to plow, to sow and plant and remember my son, thy heart will oft be comforted that through thy instrumentality thou wilt see many of them improving upon the principles of the everlasting gospel and in cultivating the earth. Thou shalt be blest with an increase of faith, of hope, and of charity. Be prayerful and thou shalt share in the blessings of the reform that is about taking place whereby thy house will become a house of order, a house of prayer having thy mind filled with the Spirit of peace, of prudence, and wisdom. The earth will be blest under the cultivation of thy hands. Thy table will be crowned with the fruit of the earth. Wisdom from on high will be given thee to aid thee in acknowledging the hand of the Lord in all his providences toward thee. It shall be thy gift to place thy seals as a Father upon thy posterity. By virtue of the Holy Priesthood, I seal thee up to enjoy the blessings of immortality and eternal life even so, Amen & Amen

H.B. Morley

(Ed. Note: This blessing was given the same day as William's wife Mary received her blessing and two days before Mary's death.)

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