Nathan Smith's Patriarchal Blessing

Preston Oneida County, Idaho (map) February 3rd 1903.

A blessing given by John Smith Patriarch upon the head of Nathan Smith, son of William P and Mary Smith, born in Sommersetshire, England (map) May 1st, 1835.

Brother Nathan Smith according to thy desire, I place my hands upon thy head and as the spirit shall direct pronounce and seal a blessing upon thee. Thou art of the house of Israel and in thy youth did yield obedience to the gospel, with an honest heart and with thy parents and bid adieu to thy native land for the sake of salvation. Thy life has been some what chequered. Thou hast seen many changes and have past through trials without number. The adversary has often sought to thwart the plans of the Father. Thou has been true to thy trust, firm in thine integrity and have borne thy burden with fortitude for which thou shalt verily receive thy reward. Therefore remember that thou la~awest that there is a God in Israel, that he will hear and answer the prayers of the honest, and will reward according to merit and it shall be well with thee, for thy labors thus far are accepted, for the Lord is pleased with thine integrity. Thou art of Ephraim and thine inheritance is among the saints. Thy name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life, registered in the chronicles of thy Fathers, let thy faith fail not and look upon the bright side for thy mission is not yet finished neither thy race run. Be prudent in thy daily walk guarded in thought and expression, and the blessings of the Lord shall attend thy labors and give thee peace, direct thy course, remove barriers from thy way, and make thee equal unto every task and thou shalt complete thy mission and thy name shall live in the memory of the Saints and as a Father in Israel thy fame shall go forth among the people. Therefore be comforted for all shall be well with thee both here and hereafter. Thou shalt not lack for the comforts of life, but thou shalt impart unto the needy, it is thy privilege to feed the hungry, to cheer up the bowed down, and to comfort the hearts of widows and the fatherless.

It is thy duty also to council among thy brethren. To strengthen those who are weak in the faith and to have a watchcare over the youth in Zion and to give unto them the benefits of thy experience for it is thy duty to be a peacemaker and to labor in the interest of improvement. This blessing I seal upon thee, and I say unto thee be firm and I seal thee up unto eternal life to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection a saviour among thy kindred, even so, Amen.

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