Preface To The William P Smith Genealogy Collection

By Becky S. Porter

I do not pretend to be a writer or a journalist, I only want to make available to all of William "P" Smith's children his story. What might be new to some of us might be well known by others and vice versa. My purpose was to gather all the information available to me and to compile it into one place one story - for his descendants.

There are a lot of discrepancies in dates and different versions of the same story, but still we can gather much from the memories of others. We all have different perspectives on any one subject and it was interesting to see the similarities and the differences in the different stories written.

This man and his first wife, Mary, have held a fascination for me for quite a few years. I have also grown to admire Sarah who was his companion in his later years. In my visits with other members of the family that settled in Cache Valley (map), very little was known about their progenitors. It was hard to find information, although everyone I talked to wanted to help as much as they could. For this reason I have tried to accomplish the task of letting them know about the family.

I am grateful for the part of the family in Union (map) who kept such a good record of William "P" and who answered many of my questions. They were as excited to learn about their cousins from up North as I was learn about them.

Genealogical information was taken from old family group sheets in possession of family members, records of all kinds in the Church Family History Library in Logan and Salt Lake City, IGI 1984, 1991, 1994 version, Ancestral File, also histories written by descendants. Some information varies with different family members.

Dates in some instances were different, ordinances that were performed early in the history of the family could not be verified on the church records so permission was given to have them redone - a difference in spelling also causes permission for redoing the work. In all cases I tried to use the original date where possible, taking note of any other dates listed. I have tried to be as correct as possible and if a date differs on a sheet don't be worried because several dates could and do apply.

Please forgive the errors and mistakes I have made in the typing and format. There is still yet much that can be done the story is never ending. Your own personal family history needs to be added to the ones enclosed and there is still research on the family lines that needs to be continued.

During this project I have been given several old photographs of children and family members that have not and sometimes cannot be identified. It has reminded me to identify any pictures that I have that I haven't identified. It is such a shame that time passes so quickly and that much needed information is lost with the passing of our loved ones. So many things are forgotten until our memories are jogged by a question or two from someone.

It has always seemed such a tragedy that someone's life and their experiences and knowledge need to be condensed into a few words on paper. I have always wanted to know the "whys" and the "wherefores" surrounding a family's history instead of the routine.

I hope that we will remember to write down the things that are important to us in our own families and that our children can remember their ancestors and the great heritage that they have.

Genealogy Collection provided by:
Becky S. Porter, 2493 S. Hulls Crossing, Preston, Idaho 83263

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