Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Memorial

To Pioneer Women

In January, 1863, Connor's California Volunteers attacked and massacred about 400 Shoshoni Indians in what is now called "The Bear River Massacre." Jane Sant makes reference to this battle. The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers have erected a memorial near the site where this massacre took place. Pictures of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers memorial to The Battle of Bear River and to the State Historical Marker Bear River Massacre are also available.

Picture of Monument to Pioneer Women

Text of the Marker

Daughters of the Utah Pioners
No. 186
Erected July 1953

Pioneer Women

Attacks by the Indians on the peaceful inhabitants in this vicinity led to the final battle here January 29, 1863. The conflict occurred in deep snow and bitter cold. Scores of wounded and frozen soldiers were taken from the battlefield to the Latter Day Saint community of Franklin. Here pioneer women, trained through trials and necessity of frontier living, accepted the responsibility for caring for the wounded until they could be removed to Camp Douglas, Utah. Two Indian women and three children found alive after the encounter were given homes in Franklin.
Franklin County

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